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Hawaiian Kalo image database

The UH-Manoa Library's Desktop Networking Services department recently completed an online collection of images documenting sixty-two types of Hawaiian kalo found at the Lyon Arboretum. The images were collected by Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond in 1983, and are part of a collection of material known as A Pictorial Illustration of Hawaiian Kalo Varieties at Lyon Arboretum with descriptions from Taro Varieties in Hawaii . The original collection is part of the Hawaiian Collection's rare holdings, and so this online version will greatly aid access for interested researchers. For each of the 62 varieties depicted, there are images of the entire plant, the leaf blade and the petiole. Powerpoint presentations that group together various of the varieties are also available in the online collection, as are supporting documentation. To view the online collection, go to: http://digicoll.manoa.hawaii.e du/kalo/index.php