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Recently Added E-Books, part 2

Another round of Hawai'i- or Pacific-related electronic books have been added to the Hamilton libraries, to further enhance accessibility to high-use titles. The recent batch includes: Title : Endangered Languages of Austronesia Author : Florey, Margaret eISBN : 0191571210 Access URL : patron/FullRecord.aspx?p= 472258 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Title : Tourism and National Identity Author : Frew, Elspeth; White, Leanne eISBN : 1135146845 Access URL : patron/FullRecord.aspx?p= 669201 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Title : Dictionary of Polynesian Mythology Author : Craig, Robert D. eISBN : 0313069468 Access URL : patron/FullRecord.aspx?p= 494982 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Title : Language, Space, and Social Relationships : A Foundational Cultural Model in Polynesia Author : Bennardo, Giovanni eISBN : 0511539932 Access URL : patron/FullRecord.aspx?p= 442859 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Recently Added E-Books

UH-Manoa's Hamilton Library has recently added several electronic books to its holdings, including some high-demand titles of interest to Hawai'i and Pacific researchers . More are currently in the process of being purchased, but in the meantime the below titles are now available. (As new titles are added, links will be included with their records in the library's online Voyager catalog): Aloha betrayed : native Hawaiian resistance to American colonialism / Noenoe K. Silva American Pacificism : Oceania in the U.S. imagination / Paul Lyons American Surfer : Radical Culture and Capitalism   / Kristin Lawler. Anthropology and the Racial Politics of Culture  /    Lee D. Baker Asian settler colonialism : from local governance to the habits of everyday life in Hawaiʻi / Candace Fujikane and Jonathan Y. Okamura, editors. Date which will live : Pearl Harbor in American memory   / Emily S. Rosenberg The gifts of civilization : germs and genocide in Hawaiʻi / O.A. Bush

Upcoming CPIS Events

The below is quoted directly from an email circulated by the UH-Manoa Center for Pacific Islands Studies. For more information, see links at bottom, or click on the images at right. Aloha friends and colleagues,  Please join us for films and seminars during the final weeks of the semester:  Thursday 4/19  – Pacific Film Series presents   Shiro’s Head   (Guam) 2008 6:30 pm   Tokioka Room, Moore 319 cosponsored by the Pacific Islands Development Program and Pan Pacific Association  Tuesday 4/24 – Marata Tamaira, PhD candidate Australian National University (CPIS MA, 2009), “Visual Sovereignty and Indigenous Countervisuality: Picturing Contemporary Kanaka Maoli Art Practice in Hawai‘i”,   12:00 pm  John Burns Hall room 3121/3125, East-West Center cosponsored by the Pacific Islands Development Program  Wednesday 4/25 – Semir Al Wardi (University of French Polynesia), “Democracy in French Polynesia”  12:00 pm John Burns Hall 3121/3125, East-West Center cosponsored by the Pacific I

Fellowship for Graduate Study of Literatures of the Pacific

The below is quoted directly from a release circulated by the UH-Manoa Department of English: Announcing the Amos P. and Edna Lee Leib Fellowship for Graduate Study of  Literatures of the Pacific Application Deadline: April 23, 2012 Notification of Award: April 27, 2012 For the next four years, the Amos P. and Edna Lee Leib Memorial Fellowship  for the Graduate Study of Literatures of the Pacific will support one  graduate student  each year pursuing the study of literatures of the Pacific  (defined as Melanesian, Micronesian, and Polynesian) at the graduate-level  through the English Department, the Department of Indo-Pacific Languages and  Literatures, or in any graduate program at UHM. Pacific literatures must be  the primary focus of the applicant's studies and special consideration will  be given to those students whose career goals include the teaching and  dissemination of Pacific literary texts within the regions listed above.  Funds are intended to be used for educational