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New Faculty

Congratulations to Aaron J. Sal ā , who has been hired by the UH-Manoa Music Department. An alumnus of Kamehameha Schools, Aaron has  previously taught Hawaiian Studies and music courses at Manoa and Windward Community College. For a more complete bio, see

Librarians in the News

Each year, librarians in the Pacific Collection travel to one of the three cultural regions of the Pacific (Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia) on extended acquisitions trips. These trips multi-island trips (which are funded by a federal Title VI grant administered by the Center for Pacific Islands Studies) serve a variety of purposes, from ensuring that our Pacific Collection holdings are complete and up-to-date, to maintaining the collection's strong ties to publishers, librarians and archivists throughout the region.  During a recent acquisitions trip to Guam, Pacific Specialist Librarian Eleanor Kleiber paid a visit to the Glimpses of Guam offices to check up on various items produced by the publishing company. Little did she know that she would subsequently become part of the news cycle, as her visit was written up in Guam Business Magazine.

Faculty Lecture Series: "SPAM MAPS: Questions about Contemporary Asia Pacific Art"

The below is quoted from a press release circulated by UH Libraries Outreach Coordinator, Teri Skillman: Contact:   Teri Skillman, (808) 956-8688   Outreach Coordinator, Library Services Jaimey Hamilton, Assistant Professor of Art History at UH Manoa, will give the first lecture in the Fall 2012 Faculty Lecture Series from 3:30-4:30 p.m. on Monday, September 10, 2012, in Hamilton Library Room 301.  Refreshments will be provided and admission is free.   "SPAM MAPS: Questions about Contemporary Asia Pacific Art" is an overview of the transformation of contemporary art in the Asian Pacific economy.  It will showcase conversations among the Asia-Pacific creative community who propose new “maps” and models of economic relationships in our community, the Pacific Islands and Asia.   Many of the people involved are widely recognized as innovators in the arts and culture of the region.  They include Wu Hung, Terry Smith, Margo Machida, Maile Andrade, Ralph Reganvanu,

Norman Meller Research Award deadline approaching

The below is quoted directly from an email circulated by the UH-Manoa Center for Pacific Islands Studies. NORMAN   MELLER   RESEARCH   AWARD The Norman   Meller   Research   Award   o f $250.00 is given annually to the best MA research paper produced at the University of Hawai'i in the social sciences or humanities and focused on the Pacific Islands. Plan A theses, Plan B papers, or MA portfolios are eligible. Submissions may be made by students or by nominations from the faculty, and are not limited to students in the MA program in Pacific Islands Studies. The submissions are read by a panel of judges, who consider the overall quality of the submission, the depth of the research it represents, and the significance of the work in the field of Pacific Islands Studies. Of particular interest are submissions that employ interdisciplinary approaches and/or include indigenous epistemologies and perspectives. The judges reserve the right to recommend that more than one   award   be