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Queer Pacific Indigeneity: Constructing Our Archives

The below is quoted directly from an email circulated by UH's Center for Biographical Research. In addition to his other biographical data listed below, D. Keali'i MacKenzie also currently serves as a part-time reference librarian in the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections. "Queer Pacific Indigeneity: Constructing Our Archives" D. Keali‘i MacKenzie and Tagi Qolouvaki Thursday, September 26 • Noon to 1:15 pm Center for Biographical Research • 1800 East-West Road, Henke Hall 325 In this talanoa/talk story panel, David Kealiʻi MacKenzie and Tagi Qolouvaki, both queer-identifying, Pacific Islanders (Native Hawaiian and Fijian-Tongan) discuss how their respective genealogies, including as activists, scholars, and writers, have informed their journeys to find and construct archives of queer pacific indigeneity. Along the way we hope to share a few poems, photographs, memories of community, and some of the many questions that guide and accompany us. D. Kealiʻi MacK

Pacific Lit Talk Story

A new, monthly event related to Pacific literature is set to begin this week at UH-Manoa. As the flyer notes, it's "not a meeting, not an event, not a reading, not an association, not a clique, not an obligation, not a class, not a workshop, not a club... just a monthly afternoon tea & chat for those on the island who love Pacific Lit." For details, click on the image at right.