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The Hawaiian and Pacific Collections in 2013

The Hawaiian and Pacific Collections will be undergoing some transitions in 2013. With the retirement of Hawaiian Collection curator Joan Hori, the following librarians will remain in the department: Dore Minatodani, senior librarian, Hawaiian Collection Jodie Mattos, librarian, Hawaiian Collection Stu Dawrs, senior librarian,  Pacific Collection Eleanor Kleiber, librarian,  Pacific Collection At the time of her retirement, Joan Hori was also serving as department head for the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections. Stu Dawrs will serve as department head for the next two years. Regarding a replacement for Joan, the department has submitted a proposal for the position, and we are awaiting the hiring and the arrival of a new University Librarian for further action. Due to budget concerns and to preserve the incoming University Librarian's opportunity to allocate resources as he or she thinks best serves the institution, our interim University Librarian is defer