New (and Updated) Pacific Digital Collections

The Pacific Collection recently completed Creating Siapo: American Samoa 1967, an online collection of images documenting the process of making siapo (a.k.a. tapa or kapa). Meanwhile, a previously completed digital collection has now been migrated to a new display format: Rapanui: The Edmunds/Bryan Photograph Collection: 1904-1929, now uses Streetprint software, which (among other things) allows for user comments. This commenting function has added a great deal of depth to several other Pacific digital collections, as viewers from around the world have written in to provide genealogical information, ethnographic details, personal anecdotes and more. The Pacific Collection's single largest online photo assemblage, the Trust Territory Photo Archives, is also in the process of migrating to Streetprint, at which point all of the Pacific online photo collections will run on this software.
To date, the Pacific Collection has mounted more than 10,000 images online via six digital collections, with the aim of providing open access to materials that exist nowhere else in the world. The Hawaiian Collection has similarly digitized several of its historic photo collections (along with numerous print materials). Links to all of the UH-Manoa Library's digital collections are gathered here; links to the Pacific digital collections can also be found on the Pacific Collection homepage.


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