Hawaiian & Pacific Collections Services During Winter Interim (December 19 - January 10)

  • Departmental telephone and e-mail service will be generally unavailable.
  • Reference service will be generally unavailable. Reference inquiries sent via e-mail to hawnpac@hawaii.edu will be answered as librarian staffing allows.
  • Books from the Hawaiian or Pacific Collection that are borrowed or renewed after December 12 will be due January 11.
  • Books may be returned to the book return bins at Hamilton or Sinclair Libraries. Books returned to the library during the winter break will not be checked in immediately, but the check-in date will later reflect the actual date of return.
We apologize for all inconvenience and difficulty this will cause. The closures were scheduled in response to budget reductions.

Contact information for Hawaiian and Pacific Collections:

Hawaiian and Pacific Collections
(808) 956-8264

Hawaiian Collection Librarians:

Joan Hori, Acting Department Head and Hawaiian Collection curator
(808) 956-9296

Dore Minatodani, Hawaiian Collection
(808) 956-2852

Pacific Collection Librarians:

Lynette Furuhashi, Pacific Collection
(808) 956-2847

Stu Dawrs, Pacific Collection
(808) 956-9779


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