Recently Added E-Books, part 2

Another round of Hawai'i- or Pacific-related electronic books have been added to the Hamilton libraries, to further enhance accessibility to high-use titles. The recent batch includes:

Title : Endangered Languages of Austronesia
Author : Florey, Margaret
eISBN : 0191571210
Access URL :
Title : Tourism and National Identity
Author : Frew, Elspeth; White, Leanne
eISBN : 1135146845
Access URL :
Title : Dictionary of Polynesian Mythology
Author : Craig, Robert D.
eISBN : 0313069468
Access URL :
Title : Language, Space, and Social Relationships : A Foundational Cultural Model in Polynesia
Author : Bennardo, Giovanni
eISBN : 0511539932
Access URL :
Title : Polynesians in America : Pre-Columbian Contacts with the New World
Author : Jones, Terry; Storey, Alice; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth; Ramírez-Aliaga, José; Clarke, Andrew; Cordero, María-Auxiliadora; Green, Roger; Irwin, Geoffrey; Klar, Kathryn; Quiróz, Daniel; Scaglion, Richard; Weisler, Marshall
eISBN : 0759120064
Access URL :


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