Tattoo Traditions of Polynesia

The below is quoted directly from an email circulated by Brian Richardson, as part of the Windward Community College "Common Books" program. All events take place on the Windward Community College campus. Several of Tricia Allen's tattooing publications are available at the UH-Manoa Hamilton Library, including The Polynesian Tattoo Today (Honolulu: Mutual Publishing, 2010) and Tattoo Traditions of Hawaii (Honolulu: Mutual Publishing, 2006):

Tattoo Traditions of Polynesia

Tattooing was far more than body decoration in traditional Polynesia. It was intricately woven into the social, political, and religious systems of the Polynesian people. Tattooist, author, and historian Tricia Allen will present a three-part series of beautifully illustrated presentations on the cultural practices in early historic times.

A Tattoo Tour of Polynesia
Tues. Oct. 11 12:30-2pm
Hale Akoakoa 101-103

Tattoo Traditions of the Marquesas
Tues. Oct. 18 12:30-2pm
Hale Akoakoa 101-103

Tattoo Traditions of Hawai’i
Tues. Oct. 25 12:30-2pm
Hale Akoakoa 101-103

Tricia Allen is a tattooist and anthropologist who has first hand experience in the art as she has tattooed well over 10,000 individuals. IN addition she has traveled the pacific extensively documenting the revival of the art. She is also the author of two well known, award winning books on the subject, Tattoo Traditions of Hawai’i, and The Polynesian Tattoo Today.


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