Reading Room Display: "The Census in Hawaii, 1823-2010."

In observance of U.S. Census month, Hawaiian Collection librarian Dore Minatodani has created an exhibit on Hawai'i's censuses.
Dore writes: "The U.S. Census Bureau first included Hawai'i in its decennial census in 1900. Prior to that, censuses had been conducted in Hawai'i since the time of Umialiloa. Reports of such counts date back to the missionary censuses of 1831-32 and 1835-36, and appear in published reports in increasing detail, revealing increasingly sophisticated methodology, through the 19th century.
On exhibit are selections from theses reports, graphs depicting demographic trends in Hawai'i, and a 1910 enumeration sheet listing the household members of Queen Liliuokalani's residence."
The exhibit will be on view throughout April in the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections reading room. For detailed information on materials relating to the history of the Hawai'i census, see also Dore's online library guide, "Hawai'i Censuses."


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