Construction update: Hawaiian and Pacific Collections are OPEN

As a result of the construction project that is underway in Hamilton Library, the three elevators on the first floor that directly lead to the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections are currently inaccessible. However, please note that the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections are open for normal business hours (as are floors 2 through 4 below us). To reach our collections, please go to the second floor of "Phase I" of the library -- i.e., the part of the building that houses the main entrance to the library, the circulation counter, business office and etc. -- and then proceed to "Phase II" of the library (the portion that holds the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections). From there, take an elevator up to the fifth floor.
The 2nd floor of Phase I can be reached either via the stairwell that is located adjacent to the first floor circulation counter, or via two remaining elevators in the Phase I side of the building (which service floors 1 through 3 only). Detour signs have been placed in the library's foyer.
As previously announced, the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections will be closed on May 11 as part of this same construction project. The closure is expected to last approximately eight week. For more information, please click here:


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