Hawaiian Legends Index online

The three-volume Hawaiian Legends Index is well-known among Hawai'i researchers (and librarians). A searchable online version is now available on the internet. Below is a message circulated by Hawaiian Collection librarian Dore Minatodani:

Hawaiian Legends Index - now online

The 2010 revision of the Hawai'i State Library's Hawaiian Legends Index is now online in searchable form, at http://manoa.hawaii.edu/hawaiiancollection/legends.

The Legends Index offers subject access to 77 publications of Hawaiian legends in English. Subjects indexed include:
A full list of subjects indexed is available here. Searching by subject, legend, publication, or author/compiler is availablehere. All of the above and more, including links to online texts where available, is available from the site's main page -http://manoa.hawaii.edu/hawaiiancollection/legends

All editions of the Hawaiian Legends Index were researched and compiled by the Hawaiʻi State Library. Historically, responsibility for the index is held by HSL librarians Lillian Ching, Masae Gotanda, and for the current edition, David Del Rocco, Linda Sueyoshi, Louise Storm and Patrick McNally. Responsibility for the online version is held by UHM Library Hawaiian Collection librarian Dore Minatodani. 


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