1/30: “Shillyshallying and daydreams of oral writing”

The below is quoted directly from an email circulated by the UH-Manoa Center for Pacific Islands Studies. For more information, please click on the flyer at right.

The UHM Department of Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas and the UHM Center for Pacific Islands Studies present “Shillyshallying and daydreams of oral writing” by Tahitian poetess Flora Devatine.

Monday 30 January, 3:00pm at Center for Korean Studies, Conference Room.

Flora Aurima Devatine is a ma‘ohi scholar, member of the Tahitian Academy, writer and an editor of the first Tahitian review
Littérama‘ohi, which unites a group of apolitical Polynesian writers. Her book Tergiversations et reveries de l’écriture orale, which she describes as “a controlled drift,” endeavors to braid together the different aspects of her culture: Ma‘ohi and French. This gives birth to a very original poetry and returns, through writing, to the sacredness of ancestral orality.

For more information and disability access, please contact Titaua Porcher at
tporcher@hawaii.edu or 956-4186.


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