Hawai'i and Pacific events, week of Sept. 7-10, 2010

The Center for Pacific Islands Studies has announced several events for the week of September 7 through 10:


Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania: Opportunity to Participate in 2011 Meeting in Waikiki

presented by anthropologists from CPIS and the UHM Department of Anthropology

Tuesday, 7 September 2010
12 noon-1 pm
UHM Korean Studies Conference Room

The Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO) is an international organization dedicated to comparative study of Pacific topics (for detailed background, see www.asao.org). ASAO holds annual meetings with a special collegial format designed to facilitate discussion and develop topics for publication. The 2011 ASAO annual meeting will be held in Waikiki, 9-12 February, and will be an excellent opportunity for UH graduate students and faculty to meet and interact with scholars interested in the Pacific from around the world.

This brown-bag gathering will provide an overview of ASAO's special meeting format from the perspective of several UH faculty who have organized sessions at previous ASAO meetings, a preview of session topics proposed for the February 2011 meeting, guidelines for how to get involved in a session, and information about registration fee waivers for Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander session participants.

The presentation is cosponsored by the UHM Department of Anthropology and the UHM Center for Pacific Islands Studies.

Fall 2010 Speaker Series

"Merata Mita and the Idea of a Pacific Cinema"
Wednesday, 8 September 2010
12 noon-1:20pm
EWC Burns Hall Room 2118

This panel of friends and colleagues will explore Merata's life and work as a leading Maori filmmaker, teacher, and voice in cinema.

Moderated by Wimal Dissanayake, Director of International Cultural Studies, UHM
 Marlene Booth, Academy for Creative Media, UHM
Will be speaking about the films and vision of Merata.
Anne Misawa, Academy for Creative Media, UHM
Will be speaking on how Merata has influenced the next generation of Pacific Islander filmmakers.
Konrad Ng, Academy for Creative Media, UHM
Will be speaking about Merata's contribution to global indigenous media production and exhibition.
Makerita Urale, Center for Pacific Islands Studies, UHM
Will provide an intimate portrait of Merata and discuss the socio-political context/history of her films in New Zealand and for Maori.

Sponsored by:
The UHM/EWC International Cultural Studies Program
Telephone: 808-944-7593


"Living in "Hawaiian Land": Cultural Diversity in the Wai`anae District"
Masaya Shijo, Tokyo Metropolitan University and East-West Center

Thursday, 9 September 2010
12 noon
EWC Burns Hall 3015
For more information, click on flier at right.

"Palauans Dancing to an Okinawan Folk Song: Memories of Japanese Imperialism and the Pacific War in Palau"
by Shingo Iitata, Research Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Thursday, 9 September 2010
3:00 pm
UHM Crawford Hall 105

Cosponsored by the UHM Anthropology Department and the Center for Pacific Islands Studies.

For more information, click on flier at right.


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