Finding Hawaii- and Pacific-related dissertations & theses

PhD dissertations and masters' theses often mark the first sustained, scholarly research into a specific subject -- as such, they're an invaluable foundation for all future research. The Hawaiian Collection is a depository for dissertations and theses produced at the University of Hawai'i, and both the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections also regularly seek to acquire relevant dissertations and theses produced at universities worldwide.
As they are cataloged, dissertations and theses are added to the library's online Voyager catalog, while Hawaiian and Pacific Collections staff also compile an  annual list of all University of Hawaii dissertations and theses, including those awaiting cataloging -- for information regarding this publication e-mail In addition to these resources, Pacific Collection Librarian Lynette Furuhashi has compiled a listing of all Pacific-related dissertations and theses (more than 450) produced at UH between 1923 and 2008; to view the PDF file, click here. For a list of Hawaiian language dissertations and theses in the Hawaiian Collection, click here
Although we attempt to collect as extensively as possible all scholarly research related to Hawai'i and the Pacific, we cannot gather everything. Here are a few important sources of dissertations and theses from throughout the Pacific:

For UH-Manoa students, faculty and staff (requires log-in):
  • Dissertations and Theses (formerly Digital Dissertations): Includes bibliographic citations for the doctoral and master's work of authors from more than 1,000 graduate schools and universities dating back to 1861. More than 750,000 dissertations and theses from 1997 on have been digitized and are available for PDF download. The majority of Hawai'i- and Pacific-related work found here will have been published in U.S. institutions.
  • Dissertations and Theses @ University of Hawai'i: A subset of Dissertations and Theses; provides access to full text of most University of Hawai'i theses and dissertations, from 1996 to present.

Open access sites:
  • Australasian Digital Theses Program: A database of theses produced by postgraduate research students at Australian and New Zealand universities. It provides a mix of citations/abstracts and downloadable full-text files.
  • ANU Digital Theses: Electronic versions of theses produced (and deposited voluntarily) by scholars at Australian National University. Includes Pacific and non-Pacific content.
  • Australian Research Online: The Australian National University's online database searches the digital holdings of numerous Australian universities, government and NGO research repositories, and returns results on theses, preprints, postprints, journal articles, book chapters, musical recordings and pictures. The results are a mix of abstracts and full-text.  
  • Research Space @ Auckland: The digital repository for University of Auckland. Includes a mix of citations and downloadable full-text.
  • University of the South Pacific Digital Theses Program: Provides access to a mix of abstracts and full-text for theses produced by students at the University of the South Pacific.


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